Friday, 10 July 2015

Nope, Not Dead Yet!

Oh dear, I don’t seem to have picked a very good time to start this new blog do I? To be honest, I've barely been able to find time to post anything on my main gaming (mostly) blog over at Red Parsley but, despite an annoyingly small amount of spare time, I have definitely not forgotten about this page and I very much still intend to post stuff here when time allows. Perhaps even semi-regularly!

Charles Messier, 1730 - 1817
Even prior to creating this page, there was one series of posts I had already planned on, and that was to start going through the list of celestial objects catalogued by Charles Messier, a French astronomer who spent much of the 18th century identifying various star clusters, galaxies, nebulae, and other notable occupants of our glorious heavens. Ironically, it wasn't even his aim to create a comprehensive list of interesting sights - he actually did it purely as part of his efforts to hunt down comets, but his list has nonetheless remained in use to this day by amateurs and professional alike.

This could be down to the fact that the list contains many of the biggest and brightest (and therefore most popular) objects to be found. Indeed, many of us will have grown up seeing or hearing about a lot of them, myself included. There are 110 objects in Messier's catalogue though, which means simpletons like me often forget about some or get others mixed up, and that makes the list a perfect candidate for coverage here at my idiotic blog. The first such post should therefore be found soon (hopefully). Until then, I'll leave you fellow spacey types with warm wishes for a splendid, perhaps even interesting weekend.

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