Friday, 27 February 2015

Welcome to My New Blog :)

Oh hey, how's it going? I am known around these parts (i.e. the internet) as Retro King Simon, or RKS if you prefer, and some of you may know me from my hopefully splendid blog, Red Parsley, where I warble on, often aimlessly, about various things that interest me, mainly retro gaming and films and things of that nature. One of the many other things I find interesting is astronomy; you know, space, the universe, and pretty much all the wondrous stuff that it contains.

Sadly, I'm not very smart so I can't realistically pursue a career in this field, but I have been absolutely fascinated by the subject since my parents bestowed upon me one fine Christmas a book entitled 'Amateur Astronomer' and a modest telescope to go with it. From that early age right up to the present day and beyond, I've spent a lot of my time reading about this bewildering subject, trying to grasp the insane distances, sizes, physics, etc, involved in understanding the incredible sights that our galaxy alone has to offer.

Owing to this, as well as my interest in writing about things I like, I have written the odd few astronomy-related features for Red Parsley, but that's probably not the kind of thing most of my regular readers want to see posted there, so I have decided to make a separate blog just for spacey stuff. It won't be updated as often as my 'main' page and I'm sure it won't contain a great deal of information you wouldn't be able to find just as quickly on Wikipedia or similar, but I suppose I'll be writing it as much for myself as anything - you know how it's often easier to absorb information if you're writing it as opposed to merely reading it?

Well, that's about it anyway. I hope you enjoy visiting this new page, such as it is! And since blog posts always look nicer with pictures, here's a great shot of one of my favourites occupants of the night sky. Bonus points to the first person who can identify this distinctive star cluster :)


  1. And so it begins! You couldn't have started on a vaster or more terrifying subject. I'm not brave enough to guess the galaxy. However, I have a suggestion: how about your 1st post investigating feasibility of inhabiting Mars within next decade? Cover the human condition, the most difficult problems, and how current tech holds up.... Really looking forward to your next post. Congratulations on this big step! :)

  2. Hey buddy, thanks for dropping by. Yours is my new blog's first ever comment! The image above shows Pleiades, by the way, a star cluster better known as the 'Seven Sisters'. I like it :)

    As for your suggestion... It's a great one but I'm not sure I could manage it for my next post. This is supposed to be a 'side blog' where I just post quick burblings every time I feel 'spacey'. The Mars post would take a great deal of research. I may start looking into it but don't expect the post soon :P